In an effort to protect the University, its employees, students and visitors, UTC has required pre-employment background checks for all newly hired regular faculty and staff positions since January 1, 2011.

Effective July 1, 2014, pre-employment background checks will be required for new hires in all temporary positions (including adjunct instructors), as well as regular positions.

Additionally, background checks must be conducted, in accordance with Safety Policy 0575, for all employees or individuals in a contractual or volunteer position with the University who have direct contact with minors through certain programs.

We believe that conducting pre-employment background checks is a step toward ensuring a safer environment for all of our employees, students and visitors.

More detailed information about pre-employment background checks at UTC may be accessed on the Office of Human Resources website at:

Please contact the Office of Human Resources if you have questions regarding background checks for newly hired faculty and staff.

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