The University of Tennessee recognizes the valuable contributions of those persons giving freely of their time and talents for the benefit of the University without compensation. These persons are “VOLUNTEERS” in every sense of the word.

The State legislature in the enactment of the Tennessee Claims Commission Act of 1984 recognized the need the protection of volunteers from legal actions while performing their service on behalf of the University. As such, the volunteers who are registered with the University receive the same civil immunity from liability, as does an employee of the University under the Act. This would also include volunteers who are authorized to drive University vehicles. Thus, it is important that departments follow their campus/institute policies and guidelines to ensure that these individuals are properly registered. Volunteers under the Claims Commission Act are not covered for Worker’s Compensation.

The term “Registered Volunteer” means those persons who are not employees of the University who provide service to the University in an approved program that are listed and reported to the Division of Claims Administration, State of Tennessee.

To become a “Registered Volunteer” the department having the volunteer must report (register) the volunteer through IRIS. The link to access the electronic form is: ZPHRRECORD000 – Record Friend / Pending EE / Guest Traveler Request to go to the Record a Friend/Pending Employee/Guest Traveler screen. To submit an E-form for individuals without Social Security Numbers, please visit the Risk Management website .

Please contact the System Risk Management office at 865-974-5409 or refer to the Risk Management website for instructions regarding registering volunteers.

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