Recording and Reporting Time
Pursuant to UT fiscal policy FI0930-Payroll, with the exception of nine-month faculty, employees are required to promptly report hours worked and/or leave used. This information must be recorded on formal leave reports – timesheets, timecards, time records in the Kronos timekeeping system or another appropriate form. If a time card machine is used, it must be placed in a location where it can be monitored for abuse. The following information must be recorded:

  • Non-exempt (hourly-paid) employees: Non-exempt employees must not complete the timesheet based on their planned work schedule. They should record the actual time worked and actual time absent.

According to policy HR0445- Overtime Compensation, any work by a non-exempt student or staff employee that exceeds 40 hours in a workweek is considered “overtime.” The university’s workweek begins at 12:00am Monday and concludes at 11:59pm Sunday. Supervisors may require employees to work overtime. An employee who wishes to work overtime voluntarily must first receive approval from an appropriate supervisor. No employee is authorized to work overtime without first receiving either instruction or approval from an appropriate supervisor.

When an eligible employee works overtime, the university will provide compensatory time in accordance with policy HR0445, or flex time within the same work week to eliminate overtime, unless campus procedure or department practice provides for the payment of monetary overtime compensation. Determining whether compensatory time, flex time, or overtime compensation will be provided is at the discretion of the employee’s immediate supervisor or administration.

  • Exempt (salaried) employees: Exempt employees should record the actual time absent. If an employee has no leave for the month, an attendance record should still be signed and approved.

Employees may not have a negative leave balance at any time and should not be allowed to record sick or annual leave if it has not been earned. If an employee does not have enough leave to cover an absence, it should be recorded as leave without pay.

Attendance and Leave Record Approvals
The employee must sign and date their attendance record at the end of each pay period (bi-weekly or monthly). The departmental approver must also approve and date this record at the end of each pay period. Electronic approvals are permissible. This approver should have knowledge of the actual time worked and absences taken by the employee. Time records should be maintained within the department for auditing purposes.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Laure Pou, Executive Director of Human Resources, at x5742 or

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