Aligned with the ongoing need to ensure compliance with UT system policy and IT system security best practices, notification of all employee terminations must be sent to Human Resources at least 24 hours prior to the employee’s last date worked in their University role. University audit procedures has identified an inconsistent compliance with proper termination notifications across campus, which could put the responsible work unit and the University at great risk. As previously recommended , all employee terminations must be immediately reported to Human Resources according to the process outlined below.

Per policy HR0160-Termination of Employment, “Termination from the University of Tennessee shall be officially documented in such a manner as to establish a clear record of action, both as a service to the terminating employee and to the university.” Employee termination categories include: Resignation, Discharge, Reduction in Force, Death, Non-Reappointment, Retirement, and Student Termination. In addition to completing the required ZPTERM000-Termination Request in IRIS for workflow approval of those separating from the University without continued employment in another campus work unit, a notification of all terminations should be sent to UTC Human Resources at  with the subject line TERMINATION NOTIFICATION. Please include the following required details for each termination notification:

  • Employee Name,
  • Employee Personnel Number or UTC ID,
  • Termination Date (Last Date Worked),
  • Contact Information for Supervisor of Terminating Employee,
  • Name of Department,
  • Termination Category (as defined above in HR0160).

Human Resources will coordinate the termination notification to critical off-boarding units to ensure University debts are resolved, UTC Library property is returned, and access to University systems, software and programs is discontinued in a timely manner to protect the legal and fiscal interests of the University. This required notification process is necessary for all Regular or Temporary Faculty and Staff positions as well as Student employees of all types. The home department of terminating employees will be responsible for ensuring all departmental property is returned prior to the employee’s termination date (e.g., laptops, equipment, uniforms, keys, etc.).

The UTC Office of Human Resources, Division of Information Technology, Technology Advisory Council (TAC), UTC Library, and other critical off-boarding units will continue to collaborate towards implementing an official University procedure statement associated with the off-boarding termination notification process for full implementation in 2017. Please assist in this critical effort by ensuring that all terminating employees within your work unit are reported to HR as requested. You may direct any questions about this reporting process to Laure Pou, Executive Director of Human Resources.

Thank you,

Dr. Richard Brown
Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance and  Operations


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