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Blue Ribbon Award Winners for 2007

December Anna Lane may well be the most organized, dependable and customer-centered staff member at Lupton Library, according to Layton Jackson, Senior Library Associate 1 and Stacks Maintenance Supervisor.  “This past spring I served on two faculty hiring committees with Ms. Lane and was amazed at how meticulously she planned travel itineraries, luncheons with candidates and phone and face-to-face interviews.  She is always prepared and, amazingly given the volume of

Blue Ribbon Award Winners for 2006

December Twyler Boykin, Program Director for the Upward Bound Math Science Program, goes far above and beyond the call of duty to make the program successful and enjoyable, according to Christopher Stokes, Program Director for the Upward Bound Math Science Program.  “Our program is designed to help deserving first generation, low-income high school students to pursue their dreams of going to a college and obtaining a career in a

Blue Ribbon Award Winners for 2005

December Peggy Tucker’s nomination for the December Blue Ribbon Award was submitted by Kathy Winters, Dawn Ellis, and Dr. Andy Novobilski. Winters and Ellis say Tucker, executive secretary in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, worked diligently to attend to staff and students while computer science administrative assistant, Paula Klintworth, was on medical leave. “Peggy provides help in so many forms,” said Winters. “She will tackle any problem

Blue Ribbon Winners for 2004

November & December Cindee Pulliam, Director of Auxiliary Services and Steven Hood, Director of Housing are thankful for the team spirit of Gayle Barrett, Jean Rice, and Roberta Thurmond.  In the first two weeks of fall semester, the three Business and Financial Affairs staffers assisted in the areas of Housing and Parking Services. “Due to the construction not being finished for the 4000 and 5000 Buildings of UTC Place

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