Communication Track

Improving Workplace Relationships

University Center Chickamauga Room

Presented by Optum Improving workplace relationships often requires understanding — and managing —underlying difficult behaviors. This program helps identify the difficult behaviors we encounter in both our personal and work lives. Participants will then learn specific guidelines for interacting and dealing with these behaviors in everyday life.   Participants will: •    Improve basic assertive communication…

How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace

University Center Chickamauga Room

Presented by Optum A must for all employees, this program shares how negativity surfaces in the workplace. The goal is to help participants recognize the relationship of workplace change to negative behavior and interaction. Time will be spent helping participants identify ways to stay focused, productive and positive.   Participants will: •    Explore conflict negotiation…

How to Create a Respectful Workplace

University Center Ocoee Room

Presented by Optum Integrity and respect in workplace interactions help cultivate a positive and successful environment that enhances the bottom line. This program will introduce communication skills and other behaviors that promote respectful, open ways of relating, settling differences and working effectively as a team.    Participants will:  •    Explore conflict negotiation strategies  •    Foster…

Effective Presentations and Public Speaking Skills – Optum

University Center Fortwood Room

Having excellent presentation skills is essential for success. In this seminar participants will learn how to plan for successful presentations, build confidence, practice verbal and body language elements, and learn how to build rapport with an audience to keep them engaged.

Double Power Hour Meetup

These Power Hours are created to reinforce on-line learning.  Take these two classes on K@TE: Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials – 1 hour K@TE training  Communicating Across Cultures – 1 hour training K@TE and come prepared to discuss!  You can find both courses by typing the titles in to the search button on K@TE. Meetup is from…

Active Listening

University Center Chickamauga Room

ACTIVE LISTENING Faith Lewis, UT Employee & Organizational Development Effective listening is a skill that must be learned. Participants will be able to identify their listening style and barriers to active listening. Participants will gain a stronger understanding and be able to demonstrate empathetic listening through action learning activities and videos.