Disabling MAC Randomization

If you are being asked to re-register your device every 24-48 hours or every time you connect to the UTC Wifi, you will need to disable MAC Randomization. If you use UTC and UTC-Secure, you’ll need to complete the steps below for both. If you are unsure how to do that, the steps for most Android phones and iOS devices are below. If you need any further assistance, you may contact the help desk.


  1. Open the Settings app and tap Network and Internet
  2. Select Wifi
  3. Tap the setting (the gear) next to the UTC wifi
  4. Tap Advanced
  5. Tap Privacy
  6. Turn on Use Device MAC


  1. Open the Settings app and tap WiFi
  2. Tap the blue i next to the UTC Wifi
  3. Turn off the Private Address setting

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