Install softphone client – MacOS

Special Note

In order to use the softphone client, your extension must be configured appropriately. If this has not been done or you are unsure, please contact IT Client Services (extension 4000 or to request this change for your extension.

Directions (initial installation and set up)

  1. Navigate to and click the download button for MacOS
  2. After the download is complete, locate the .dmg file in the download folder and double click to open the dmg
  3. Double click on the ‘Avaya IX Workplace’ icon
  4. If asked ‘Are you sure you want to open it?’, click the ‘Open’ button
  5. On the first page of the installer, click ‘Next’
  6. On the second page, select the checkbox to accept the license agreement and then click ‘Next’
  7. On the third page, select the ‘Complete’ installation option and then click ‘Next’
  8. On the fourth page, the installation destination should be good to leave as is and then click ‘Next’
  9. On the fifth page, select the language you would like to use in the app and then click ‘Next’
  10. Finally, click the ‘Install’ button
  11. Once the installation is done, select the checkbox in the bottom left corner labeled ‘Run Avaya IX Workplace’ and click ‘Finish’
  12. After the app opens, if asked, accept the End User License Agreement
  13. Click the ‘Configure my account’ button
  14. Enter your full UTC email address (i.e. and click ‘Next’
  15. Enter your 4-digit extension and your extension’s password and click ‘Next’
  16. After logging in you will be shown a quick tutorial of how to use the app
  17. You can now send or receive calls from your UTC extension.  You will also be notified of any voicemails through the app.


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