Subscribe to a Listserv

Special Note

Some listservs are closed and will not allow additional subscribers.


  1. Open your preferred web browser to:
  2. Under the ‘List Name’ column, find and select the listserv you wish to subscribe to
    • If you could not find the listserv you wish to subscribe to, select ‘Next’
  3. Select ‘Subscribe or Unsubscribe’
  4. Under the ‘Name’ field, enter your full name (ex. Jane Smith)
  5. Under the ‘Email Address’ field, enter your UTC email (ex.
  6. Select ‘Subscribe (listserv)’
    • Replace ‘listserv’ with the name of the listserv you are subscribing to
  7. Log in to your UTC email account
  8. Open the ‘Command confirmation request’ email
  9. Select the confirmation link

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