Sync Office 365 to Android

Special Note

Due to the different versions of the Android OS, these instructions may not be exact. These are provided as a guideline and will address most configurations.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select ‘Accounts’
    • ‘Accounts’ may be named ‘Accounts & Sync’ depending on your version of Android
  3. Select ‘Add Account’
    • ‘Add Account’ may be the ‘+’ button near the top of the screen depending on your version of Android
  4. Select ‘Exchange’
  5. Enter your UTC email address (ex.
  6. Enter your UTC password
  7. Under the ‘Username’ field, enter your UTC email address (ex.
  8. Under the ‘Server’ field, enter ‘’
  9. Select ‘Next’
  10. If a ‘Remote security administration’ window pops up, select ‘OK’

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