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What types of spaces are reserved through Virtual EMS?

  • Virtual EMS offers a variety of spaces across campus, including centrally scheduled classrooms, exterior spaces, and the University Center. The Spaces directory page is a great first place to explore the various spaces that can be reserved across campus.

Can I just Email or make a Phone request?

  • All reservations should be made through Virtual EMS. Creating a reservation through Virtual EMS places a “hold” on the space and does not allow for other groups to book the same space. Email and phone requests do not place a hold on a space. In addition, a phone or email request does not put you at the top of the review list.

Email or phone requests may experience a delay in response to your request. An Event Manger may need additional Information, which may further delay the process of booking space. Virtual EMS collects all the pertinent information about your event.

How do I log in to Virtual EMS?

  • You must use your UTC ID and password in order to log into Virtual EMS. If you are having difficulties logging in, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Who can reserve space on campus through Virtual EMS?

  • Campus community members with a UTC ID and Password. A limited number of spaces may be requested by non-campus community members through the portal as well.

How do I reserve a specific space in Virtual EMS?

  • Information and directions for requesting a variety of different spaces can be found on the UTC Spaces Directory Page. If the space you are looking for can be reserved on Virtual EMS, locate the proper reservation template and

I am trying to book a specific room, but it does not appear in the list when I search

  • A room will not appear in the list if it is already booked. To confirm this, you may click on “Schedule” to the right of the “List” on your Room Search Results. You may want to narrow your search by using the locations filter on the left of the page.

If you do not have the schedule view available, such as searching for space a date pattern or recurrence, you can view a room’s schedule by navigating to the Browse Locations page by clicking on “Locations” on the side navigation bar.

The room I want to schedule shows as available under “Browse” but when I try to schedule it, it cannot be requested

  •  There may be a scheduling policy that prevents scheduling the space through the system. Most locations require you to initiate the request for a space 48 hours prior to your first booking.

How do I see what the room looks like?

  •  When reserving space, put in your date and time in the “Date & Time” box and then click “Search.” A list of available spaces will appear. Click on the room name of any available space and a box with additional details about the space will open. If the space has an image you can click on the “Images” tab to view the room.

What do the green plus signs (+) mean?

  •  The green plus sign (+) indicates the room is available and can be selected. Once you have selected a room, it will appear at the top of the page.

What do the red minus signs (-) mean?

  •  If you have selected a space, it will have a red (-) minus sign next to it. You may click this to unselect the space.

How do I reserve space as a student, not for a student organization

  • Students who wish to reserve space as an individual and not for student organization should select the “UTC Student” group in Virtual EMS. Learn More Here.

My group/department list is blank or incorrect

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the group list. A new window will pop-up, type your group/department into the box provided to search the database.

Students – If you want to reserve space as an individual and not for a student organization, please use the “UTC Student” group in Virtual EMS. Learn More Here.

Departments – If you don’t see your department listed or see an error, please email

Can I change or cancel a reservation after submitting it?

  • Yes. Please log in to the system and click on “My Events” to view, change, or cancel any active reservation. If you are cancelling at the last minute, please also reach out to the unit that confirmed your reservation as well.

How do I see the schedule for a particular room or space?

  •  First log-in to Virtual EMS. Once logged-in, select “Locations” under “Browse.” Select “Add/Remove Locations” to select the building. There are arrow controls above the calendar that allow you to move the date forward and backwards.

How long will it take to receive a confirmation of my reservation request?

  • Space managers are committed to responding to requests in a timely manner, however please allow us up to 48 hours to process or follow-up on your request.

The issue I am having is not addressed

  • Upon reviewing all the questions listed above, you may still have a question that is not addressed. The team would be happy to assist with any questions you may have, please email with as much detail as possible.

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