Digital Measures

Service Description:  Digital Measures is an online information management system designed to eliminate the process of gathering the same information year after year.
Digital Measures makes it easy to capture essential faculty activity data in a granular and flexible manner for a variety of reporting needs. It provides a pathway for capturing teaching, research and services for annual reports and other purposes.
Aliases: Digital Measures, Activity Insight, Digital Measures by Watermark, CV System, CV Database, Accreditation Reports, Faculty Activity Reporting
Audience: Full time, tenure and non-tenure track Faculty, Department Heads, Deans

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To Request Service: Email or request training at
Documentation (URL):  For more information, visit
Support Contact: Academic Affairs


Service Levels: This service is available 24/7 except during planned periods of maintenance and scheduled updates. Support is available during normal UTC business hours.

Service Requirements: Accounts are provided to full-time tenured and non-tenured track faculty.

College and department-wide data requests require Dean or Department head approval.

Database modifications require Dean or Department Head approval and can be initiated by emailing

Service Status/Phase: Production


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