Security Plan and Procedure Development

Service Description:  The IT Security team provides consulting services for university security policy compliance, organizational unit System Security Plan and procedure development, and guidance on applying changes to an operating system or application in accordance with industry standards in order to enhance security.
Aliases:  Department security plan development, IT procedure development, IT Policy compliance
Audience:  Directors, department heads, information owners and IT administrators who need security assurance and assistance in developing IT security procedures and best practices.

Get Help

To Request Service:  Contact the Help Desk by phone at (423) 425-4000, by email at, or by submitting a ticket online at
Documentation (URL):  IT Security web site
Support Contact: IT Security Team


Service Levels:  This service is available during normal UTC business hours.
Service Requirements:  Requests must be completed by the requesting Director, department head or IT administrator.  Once submitted, the system or information owner will then be contacted to discuss next steps.
Service Status/Phase:

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