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The UTC Library realizes that the need to access streaming video for courses has been growing in importance over the past several years. We have made efforts to support these evolving needs, primarily by offering Kanopy streaming video. Unfortunately, the Library is unable to sustain the significant cost increases under the current approach.

Therefore, on Wednesday, December 12 (the day after fall semester final exams end), the UTC Library will be making some changes to its Kanopy offerings. Kanopy films will be placed into a “mediated mode”.


What is ‘Mediated Mode’?

In practice, this means that UTC faculty and students will have immediate access to films already licensed by UTC (approximately 200 titles at this time). When a faculty member or students attempt to access a film for which the UTC Library does not have a license, they can select the “request” button next to the film and fill out the subsequent form. We will respond to these requests within 1 business day.

UTC FACULTY: If you use or are planning to use Kanopy film(s) in your course(s) during the Spring semester, please email materials@utc.edu as soon as possible with the name(s) of the film(s) and we will start work on providing access, either via Kanopy or an alternative source.


Why ‘Mediated Mode’?

Below are the Library’s costs for Kanopy since we began offering the resource in 2015:

• FY 2014-2015: $3,000
• FY 2015-2016: $5,000
• FY 2016-2017: $10,000
• FY 2017-2018: $20,000
• FY 2018-2019 to date: $15,600

Kanopy has an unusual cost model. Each time a film is triggered in Kanopy (after the fourth, 30 second viewing of a title), the Library is charged $150.00 to access it for 1 year. At this time, this model is not financially sustainable without mediating access and giving priority to curricular and course related uses. In moving to mediated mode, titles can no longer be accidentally triggered, only intentionally subscribed.


Additional Streaming Resources

For alternatives to Kanopy, the Library maintains a Streaming Media Guide which contains both UTC licensed streaming video resources as well as links to freely accessible websites with educational streaming videos. The guide also has a search box for the Library’s catalog where DVD’s can be located if the Library owns them.



Please know we are also happy to meet one-on-one to discuss the topic and the potential impact on your teaching and research.

UTC FACULTY: Again, if you are planning on using Kanopy film(s) in your course(s) during the Spring semester, please email materials@utc.edu with the name(s) of the film(s) as soon as possible.