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Anna Lane Awarded TLA Library Support Staff Award

Have you ever wondered to yourself: Why hasn’t the library ever burned down? What prevents librarians from curling into balls of mania beneath their desks? How is the library not a teeming mass of disorganization? When was it first apparent that librarians cannot function without a magnanimous figurehead? In fact – who secretly runs the library? The easy answer is that there’s only one answer, and that’s to invoke

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Choose Privacy Week: May 1-7

            Public profiles, web browsing results and advertisements tailored to you based on email content and other browsing histories, check-ins, public wi-fi, location-based services, billions upon billions upon billions of pictures and videos, public records … yeah … thinking about privacy in the digital age can be overwhelming, scary, and really, really interesting. Since libraries hold stake in privacy issues, it’s no surprise that

Upcoming changes to the ARTstor Digital Library

ARTstor has provided colleges and universities with advance notice of upcoming changes to their digital library. See their notice below. If you encounter any issues during these changes, please contact us immediately. Please be advised that we will be performing an upgrade to the ARTstor Digital Library on Tuesday, April 16th between 6:00 AM and 1:00 PM EST. During this time, users will be able to access the Digital Library

3rd Annual Haiku Contest

It’s National Poetry Month! In keeping with a recently established tradition, we’re holding our 3rd Annual Haiku Contest. What the what is a haiku? A three line poem consisting of 5 syllables on line one, 7 on line two, and 5 on line three. It doesn’t have to rhyme. But it does have to be awesome. Sweet. How do I enter? Entry forms will be available in three locations:

Librarian Scholarship: Not a Myth (The Sequel)

It’s a little known fact that librarians never sleep. If we aren’t otherwise erecting a new building, teaching classes, ordering new materials, serving as liaisons to academic departments, implementing a new online catalog, serving on committees (library, university, local, regional, national), putting out information fires on a daily basis, forging new partnerships, or just having some fun…we’re also engaged in the dialogue with the larger discussion of the library