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Special Collections- Temporarily Closed!

The Special Collections will be closed for the Spring Holiday (Friday, March 29), and the following week:  April 1-5, 2013.  Should you have any questions or need assistance during this time, please email or contact the library dean, Theresa Liedtka at (423) 425-4508 or at, and we will certainly try to accommodate you, but certain items,  collections, and services may be unavailable during this period.  We are

Down the Yellow Brick Road Redux

With the success these past two weeks of the new movie, Oz, the Great and Powerful, I am reminded of several Oz-related books held in the Rare Book Collection in the Special Collections. Unfortunately, we do not hold a first edition of the original 1900 book by L. Frank Baum, nor any subsequent titles from the series, but we do have a more recent publication of this timeless classic,

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

With thoughts of romance and love, we are reminded this week of the memorable plays and characters created by William Shakespeare.  In our collection are two collections of Shakespeare prints, with scenes from many of the Bard’s plays. We’d like to show three of them- two from the tragedies Troilus and Cressida and Romeo and Juliet, and the other from a comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Despite the sad

Distant Sands and Faraway Lands

The Special Collections of Lupton Library will be exhibiting art, books, and artifacts from other countries in an exhibit titled Distant Sands and Faraway Lands: Art, Books and Artifacts from Around the World. As part of its collection scope, the Special Collections currently seeks to acquire books, manuscript collections, art, and other items that relate to the University, Chattanooga, the state of Tennessee, and the South. However, over the

Welcome to 2013! (And to Chattanooga Abbey!)

As we begin the new semester, much of the United States is looking forward to the entertainment that has come over from Great Britain.  I’m talking about the 3rd season of the popular television series, Downton Abbey.  As this season’s intriguing plots move forward, American viewers will be enthralled over the ongoing affairs of the Crawleys and their downstairs staff. After searching the Special Collections for something to tie