Throughout the year, students work alongside community partners around Chattanooga and surrounding areas. These projects can last anywhere from a semester to a full year. One project that we want to showcase is the work that was done with CEMPA. Two students Abigail Hunt and Lindsey Farrell, who just graduated with their MPH degree this May, wanted to improve and expand health care access among underserved communities in Hamilton County, Tennessee as well as expand the reach of CEMPA’s mobile clinic through mobile-specific marketing tools. They used GIS mapping to develop a health disparities map to determine the communities that need CEMPA’s mobile clinic the most. Results showed that residents who lived outside the metropolitan areas of Chattanoga have limited access to federally qualified health centers as well as face geographic barriers such as the distance to public health care services and lack of transportation. They provided recommendations to reduce geographic barriers to care and how to promote the mobile clinic and screening events with marketing materials.