By Brittany Roberts

Upon first arriving at the VW CC event, I did not know what to expect, I just wanted to find the cars. I saw what appeared to be a Mercedes, a Lexus, or some other high priced luxury vehicle and thought; where are the VWs, because surely this cannot be the new CC. Not until I got in closer sight did I realize that indeed this is the new VW, and what a car it is! Not only is the new VW CC a total design statement that is fun to drive, fun to ride, and fun to look at, but it has the icing on the cake of being German engineered; the perfect combination of sleekness and rational thinking.

A quality car to entice those who appreciate the finer things life has to offer, but also understand where we are in the world; this car is the ride of a lifetime. VW has thought of every detail from the mini glove box on the driver side, to the bucket racecar feel of the seats, to the stylish cup compartment in the backseat… not to mention the green thinking that was put into its eye-popping concept.

When first looking at the car, one will automatically recognize they are looking at class and style, but what they might not realize at first glance is that VW has made it fun and environmentally friendly based through its aerodynamic design and fuel efficient engine, thus creating a design within reach and efficiency beyond reason. Even at 80 mi/hr, the VW CC is able to maintain 31 gallons per mile, making it an exceptional choice for the savvy minded buyer.

VW had the driver in mind, allowing for his or her own maximum comfort as well as the comfort of his or her passengers. The VW CC is equipped with airbags throughout, and hugs turns with grip and ease allowing everyone to feel safe, secure, and as though they were a celebrity riding in an exclusive $100,000 car, but for thousands less. The VW CC has created design within reach, and many will be reaching!

Upon arriving to an event and not knowing what to expect, I was truly blown away by not only the car, but also the VW people and community friendly image of Volkswagen as a whole. It was so much fun talking with a company as great as Volkswagen for the day and test-driving the new CC. I am pleased with the Student Drive event and truly look forward to VW coming into the Chattanooga community and making moves here in this great city with an exciting new car, the VW CC.

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