The Women’s Studies “Explore, Connect, Empower” speaker series continues with a presentation on Monday March 21st, Lindsay Irvin, UTC Adjunct Instructor of History, will speak on the life and legacy of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland.

Margaret stands out as the only female among the small number of Scottish saints. Over the centuries, she has been viewed alternately as a bully, who hastened the end of Celtic Christianity in Scotland, and a reformer, who brought civilization to a kingdom behind the times.

On Monday, March 28, Dr. Claire McCullough, Professor of Electrical Engineering, will present “Why so few? Where are the women in math, sciences, and engineering?” Dr. McCullough will discuss some of the competing theories to explain the continuing under-representation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, some of the interesting research findings from recent years, and some of her own experiences both as a woman in a “man’s field” and in encouraging under-represented groups to pursue careers in STEM fields.

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