During the successful WUTC-FM spring membership drive, the public radio station licensed to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga announced its next generation of upgrades.  In the coming year, the WUTC audience will have the chance to hear digital WUTC broadcasts with added broadcast power.

“Additionally, WUTC-2, a musical service that we have just started building, will offer another 24-hour radio experience for those in the region who have digital receivers or who listen over the internet,” said Dr. John McCormack, WUTC station manager.  “This programming will be mostly music related, something WUTC has a strong tradition of providing for the region’s music lovers.”

During the spring membership drive, listeners donated over $140,000 in new funding.  Dedicated listeners serve as volunteers who answer the telephones. Many of the station’s willing patrons are thanked with gifts of umbrellas, tee-shirts, water bottles, and newly released compact discs.

“Our listeners are so generous,” Robin Higgins, the radio station’s membership coordinator said. “They always come through for us. They continue to make sure that WUTC has the funding to cover the costs of broadcasting their favorite shows.”

Currently WUTC can be heard on the radio at 88.1 FM or over the internet at wutc.org. It is the area’s source for programming from National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media. It also produces locally created musical and informational programs.

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