First Lady Michelle Obama inspired students at Brown International Academy to do a lot of jumping jacks on October 12th.  A group of UTC students helped document this special effort for the Let’s Move! Campaign.

“Four hundred forty-six children in grades K-5 earned a number as part of Mrs. Michelle Obama’s call to set the World Record for jumping jacks in a 24-hour period,” said Jamie Harvey, instructor in the UTC Department of Health and Human Performance.

Harvey took her students to Brown Academy to count and encourage students who did jumping jacks for one minute in the Brown Academy Gymnasium.  Harvey partnered with Nick Fike, PE instructor at Brown International Academy.

Brown Academy’s numbers will be part of the worldwide jumping jacks tally to be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.

On October 11th, the First Lady or “Jumper in Chief” lead hundreds of area students in Washington, DC, to complete one minute of jumping jacks.

It will take documentation for more than 20,000 people worldwide to set a new jumping jacks record.

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