UTC’s master plan consultants presented three diverse concepts for future campus development at sessions held November 2-3.  We welcome your thoughts and comments on what you like about each of these concepts.  Locations are shown for future housing (shown in yellow), academic & study space (red and blue), student support space (orange), green space/recreation/athletics (green) and parking structures (gray).

Master Plan Concepts

Concept: “Community Crossroads”  (Figure 2.1A)


  • MLK gateway
  • Academics clustered around Chamberlain Field
  • Housing across from the new library and at Engel
  • NW athletic precinct or sports complex at Engel
  • Considerable infill of lots

Concept: “Streetfront Neighborhoods”  (Figure 2.2A)


  • New housing near Arena and Johnson-Obear
  • New athletic facilities push to Engel Field
  • Student health pushes that way, too
  • North and south clusters; not east and west
  • Vine as a connection with downtown
  • Reinforcement of MLK with academic outreach, administration, student support services

Concept: “Greenway Clusters” (Figure 2.3A)


  • Clusters with spurs of buildings on gateways
  • Possibility of two north/south experiences:  one green; one retail


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