The newly elected SGA officers for 2012-2013 are: President Bradley Bell, Vice President Evan Williams, and Treasurer Robert Fisher.

During his term as President, Bradley Bell, a finance and marketing double major from Knoxville, Tennessee, hopes to “take SGA to another level.”

“The organization is a good place right now, but many student still don’t know what SGA does. There’s something on the agenda for every meeting we have. We want students to know we’re always working,” he said.

As his senior year approaches, Bell reflects on the years he’s spent at UTC.

“During my freshmen year I never would have envisioned myself being where I am. It’s been a long journey. It’s been hard, stressful, fun, and amazing,” he said.

“If I could go back and tell myself one thing before starting my freshmen year, I would say to cherish the time spent with friends. Friendships last longer than titles and accomplishments,” Bell continued.

Bell plans to continue his education at UTC after graduation by enrolling the Master’s in Public Administration program.

“I think it’s easier to go to school where you already have ties. That way you don’t have to uproot your life,” he said.

Evan Williams, a sophomore from Jackson, Tennessee, is excited to begin working with UTC students, faculty, and staff as Vice President of SGA.

“I hope to serve as an advocate for students,” he said.

In addition to representing students, the political science major hopes to promote SGA around campus.

“Unless a student read the minutes or saw an article in the student newspaper, they’re not informed on what SGA is doing. We want to change that,” he said.

Thomas is also involved in the University Honors program, Chemistry Club, Mock Trial, and Habitat for Humanity.

“I recommend that students get involved on campus. Asking questions and giving your opinion is a good way to get involved. A university is the place to exchange ideas, so don’t be afraid to step out and voice your opinion,” he said.

After graduation, Thomas wants to be a policy analyst for the government.

Robert Fisher was more than ready to enter the spotlight during his campaign for treasurer. The Clarksville, Tennessee freshman had already won a state debate championship during high school.

“The art of being an effective communicator is really important in life, but especially in my position where I’m going to speak for the entire student body,” he said.

As SGA Treasurer, Fisher will be in charge of managing the organization’s overall budget and several other budgets, including the student organization fund and SGA committees fund.

“A lot of people think the main job of the treasurer is just adding and subtracting, but I’m also a strong advocate for students. I’m in a position where I can help their voices be heard,” he said.

The political and legal studies double major wants to go to to law school after graduation from UTC.

“My goal is to become a civil rights attorney or a political science professor,” he said.

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