Nearly fifteen hundred students and parents are expected to explore the campus on Fall Visit Day 2013 to be held Saturday, November 9 beginning at 10 a.m.  This annual program offers prospective students and their family members an opportunity to discover all The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has to offer. Families will begin the day at McKenzie Arena, located at the corner of East Fourth and Mabel Streets (720 East Fourth Street).

Registration is limited.  Sign up today.

Prospective students will tour the campus, visit residence halls, view displays on student organizations, hear about the college experience from current students, explore an academic fair, and hear information sessions on financial aid, scholarships, housing, Brock Scholars, and admissions.

“The benefit of Fall Visit Day is that we bring everything to you,” says Carrie Sherbesman, who is responsible for organizing UTC recruitment events. “We do campus tours and housing tours every day, but we don’t have the academic fair with all the majors represented, we don’t have the student organization showcase. This presents everything to you at once.”

No matter what major a prospective student is considering or even if they don’t have any idea, Fall Visit Day is an excellent opportunity to gather information. All departments are invited to participate in the academic fair. Representatives from a wide variety of student organizations will also be present to talk with prospective students.

Sherbesman says that Fall Visit Day presents a broad overview of all that the University has to offer.

“This is a great first look. Parents have called asking if their middle-schooler or high school sophomore can come and I think that’s a great idea. I suggest coming to Fall Visit Day and maybe taking a second look later so you can get more personal attention once you’ve thought about it and have more questions you’d like answered,” says Sherbesman.

Prospective students who apply to UTC on campus during Fall Visit Day will have their application fees waived as an added bonus.

“I think Fall Visit Day is important to show off what we’re doing, what our campus has, and all our wonderful resources. We want to share it with everyone and be open about what a great university we have,” says Sherbesman.

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