When foreign economies show signs of distress, US investors take note and the stock market becomes more volatile.  During last year’s Greek financial crisis, Iveta Radicova’s voice was heard.

Radicova, the former Prime Minister of Slovakia, will speak at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as part of the Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business on Tuesday, November 5, from 9:25 – 10:40 a.m. in the Raccoon Mountain Room of the UTC University Center.  Her presentation to economics students is free and open to the UTC community and to the public.

The Decosimo Lecture Series highlights the increasing interconnectedness between business people worldwide, as well as the increased trade and commerce interdependence among nations.

While Prime Minister of Slovakia, Radicova was a key player in the European Union’s debate regarding the bailout of indebted member nations.  She urged European Union (EU) leaders to make the 440 billion-euro ($601 billion) European Financial Stability Facility more flexible.  Slovakia was the only Euro member that refused to provide aid for Greece and opposed increasing the fund unless bond investors were forced to take losses on the debt issued by distressed countries.

“Ms. Radicova will describe EU efforts to provide aid to Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain and the thinking behind Slovakia’s position.  As a central participant in the EU discussions she will provide unique insight and understanding into the circumstances, discussions, and ultimate decisions,” said Dr. Bruce Hutchinson, Professor of Economics at UTC.

She will also explain the economic differences between Europe and the US.

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business is sponsored by Decosimo, a Top 100 accounting and business advisory firm with offices located in the U.S. and the Cayman Islands. As an independent firm associated with Moore Stephens International Limited, Decosimo also offers the resources of 301 firms across 100 countries. The series is held annually in partnership between Bryan College, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The series features a guest lecturer who is accomplished in international business or economics.

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