By Zach Taylor, University Relations Student Writer

While the topic of ghosts may bring up images of Ghostbusters and a slew of horror movies to most, a group of students is focusing on the scientific and historical aspects of the subject.

patten-chapel-59Students in the UTC Parapsychology and Paranormal Scientific Investigators discuss and pursue advancements in the field of paranormal research with adherence to the scientific method.

Parapsychology is the study of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and paranormal experiences. Interest in the field has exploded in recent years with the success of numerous television shows and movies spurred on by a focus on scientific research and cognitive theory used during the process.

For organization president Jeromie Gentry, a senior communications major, the group has been a great chance to bring together a diverse range of students from around campus.

“We have members from all different types of academic backgrounds, so we have a good variety of outlooks and opinions on what we investigate and research. Parapsychologists and cryptozoologists have really been able to shed light on a lot of unanswered questions and phenomenon. By using scientifically sound research methods they have started to remove the taboo nature of some of the subjects so that they are more acceptable to delve into,” said Gentry.

The group has had overnight investigations at Patten Chapel, the Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, Tennessee, Hales Bar Dam, and even a camping trip to hunt for Big Foot. At these investigations, the group conducts EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), infrared, and ultraviolet experiments in order to reveal, define, and possibly communicate with ghosts and other unexplained occurrences.

Recently, the group was featured as special guests at the Southeast Paranormal Convention held at the Walking Horse Hotel.

Some members also work for Ghost Hunters Chattanooga and provide tours of Hales Bar Dam and Chattanooga locations reported to be haunted.

Bill Parker, a senior computer science major, was drawn to the group to network with those who have shared similar experiences.

“I grew up dealing with paranormal occurrences as a child, so I’m thankful for the chance to tell that story to those who are interested in it, as well as meet people around campus and the area that have experienced the same things,” said Parker.

For more information about the UTC Parapsychology and Paranormal Scientific Investigators, visit their Facebook page at


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