As we wrap up the semester, be sure to prepare for final exams and the upcoming spring semester.

If you are struggling with your grades and you need tutoring services, UTC offers a number of resources to help you achieve your academic goals. The first step is asking for help. Visit our Study 911 website for links and information to get help at our Math Lab, Writing Center, Center for Advisement and Student Success, Counseling and Career Planning Center, and many more.

See the Lupton Library’s hours for Thanksgiving and final exams.

Final exams are scheduled for Wednesday, December 4-Monday, December 9.  Find the schedule on the Records website.

Two ceremonies will be held for December 2013 Commencement.  Both events will be held in the McKenzie Arena:

  • 9 a.m. ceremony will include College of Business and College of Health, Education & Professional Studies
  • 2 p.m. ceremony will include College of Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering and Computer Science

Do you need a course?  UTC is committed to helping students graduate in a timely manner.   If you need a course, use the course request form.

Has your favorite study location been taken over by someone else?  Is it too noisy or crowded in the Library?  Are your roommates done with Finals making it impossible for you to study in your room?  If so, come to the University Center to study!  We have set aside space for both individual/quiet study as well as group study.  Here are the times and locations that we have set aside space to help you.

Thursday, December 5th

  • Quiet Study in Chattanooga B-C 7am-11pm
  • Group Study in Chattanooga A 7am-11pm

Friday, December 6th

  • Quiet Study in Chattanooga B-C 7am-2pm
  • Group Study in Chattanooga A 7am-2pm
  • The Tennessee Room will be open 2pm-4pm to accommodate all studying.

Saturday, December 7th

  • The Tennessee Room will be open to 7am-6pm to accommodate all studying

Sunday, December 8th

  • The Tennessee Room will be open 10:30am-10pm to accommodate all studying.

Monday, December 9th

  • The Tennessee Room will be open 7am-6pm to accommodate all studying.


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