UTC’s first-ever intern for Volkswagen in Germany is preparing to leave for Wolfsburg. The University is hopeful Adrianna Eder, a Brock Scholar, is the first of many UTC students who will participate in the UTC-Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences bilateral exchange relationship.

Adrianna Eder

Adrianna Eder

“I was thinking about studying abroad in Germany and when I talked to Kristin Labs about different options, she brought up that the College of Business is working on a partnership with Ostfalia University and Volkswagen in Wolfsburg,” says Eder.

Eder will be studying at Ostfalia University from March 3 through July 10, taking courses such as “international negotiations.”

“I’ve always been interested in the international perspective, and I think that an experience like this will always be relevant,” says Eder.  “Among the many courses that I will be taking while in Wolfsburg, Germany, I am especially excited about the International Project Management as well as the Intercultural Management courses.  Taking international and intercultural studies while immersed in another country and its culture seems like an ideal learning experience – something I am very grateful for.”

After she completes her study, Eder will begin her internship with Volkswagen in the Internal Auditing Department which will run from August 1 through December 19.

Eder was particularly interested in studying in Germany because of her German lineage. She has family that still resides in Germany, and she learned German in high school.

“I’m a little rusty, but I’ve been practicing! I have CDs in my backpack and everything,” she says. “I’ve traveled to Germany before to visit family, but I was younger, like in high school. I’m excited to go back.

Eder is an Integrated Studies major, integrating Biology and Accounting, and will finish her graduation requirements when she returns to UTC in January.

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  1. Linda Frost says:

    Adrianna is also a Brock Scholar!! Go Adrianna!!!