By Caitlin Peabody

Holocaust Memorial and Information Site

Holocaust Memorial and Information Site

Today was another long day, not in terms of walking just because of all the memorials we visited. We started the morning off at the Holocaust Memorial and Information Site; this was probably my favorite of the day. On top were the varying sizes of cement blocks, underneath is a memorial museum. It gave a new perspective of the Holocaust in our minds.

The first room was a time line of the war and major events that happened. In the second room was a display of different postcards, poems, and other documents that were written by people affected by the war. Most of them were farewell notes saying goodbye to their families, because they knew they were going to die. The third room was filled with different walls. Each wall had a Jewish family and all of their information on it that was affected by the Holocaust directly. Some families were entirely wiped out by the Nazis. The exhibit gave us a sort of behind-the-scenes and personal look at how people were affected.

After the Holocaust Memorial and Information Site, we then went to see the memorial for the homosexuals killed and the memorial for the Sinti and Roma’s killed. The rest of the day was spent visiting the various memorial sites across Berlin. Tomorrow we will go to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen and then have a free afternoon in Berlin.

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