By Caitlin Peabody

On Saturday we went on our first tour of Krakow with our wonderful tour guide Tomasz. The rich history of this place is astounding and I absorbed every bit of information that Tomasz was telling us.

We made our way to the main market square and went to the Rynek Underground museum. This is a newer museum that depicts what life was like in medieval Poland. Basically the Rynek was the dug up remains of the old city, they had the actual roads excavated and they were many artifacts that were found that gave a better image of life back then. I thought this museum was a great, modern representation of the history of Poland.

In the afternoon our tour guide left us and we continued our tour on our own. We went to the Wawel Castle, the home of Polish kings for centuries, and it was spectacularly beautiful. The rest of the day was just spent shopping and eating dinner and settling in for some much needed sleep.

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