The Postmortal by Drew Magary has been chosen by the First Year Reading Experience (FYRE) committee as the FYRE book for 2014-2015.  FYRE introduces students to the academic and intellectual culture of university life.  It nurtures the belief that reading is an integral part of the university experience.

fyre-2014-book-cover-01The Postmortal, a dystopian novel, follows John Farrell in a future when a “cure” for aging has been found.  Imagine how your life might be different if you didn’t age (biologically) beyond 29.  Should such a cure be legalized? Who would be eligible, and how would it be funded? Should everyone receive the cure?  If not, how do we decide eligibility? How would standardized health care cope with the prospect? How would our other social infrastructures respond? What would happen to our various social economic models?

“The book will be used for the First Year Reading Experience (during orientation, in freshman composition classes, and in other activities throughout the school year), and the FYRE Committee also encourages all members of the University and Chattanooga community to participate in this year’s reading experience and the related activities,” said Dr. Gretchen Potts, 2014-15 FYRE Chair.

For more information about FYRE, please visit the website.

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