Several faculty members at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga were honored for their achievements.

Each year, the University of Tennessee Alumni Association (UTAA) recognizes two faculty members on the UT campuses for their outstanding teaching. The 2014 UTAA Outstanding Teacher Awards were given to Joanie Sompayrac, UC Foundation Professor of Accounting and Faculty Assistant Director of the Brock Scholars Program and and Matthew Guy, Associate Professor in the Department of English.

The award honors competence in their academic disciplines, an ability to generate enthusiasm for the subject taught, and a willingness to devote outside time to students.

The UTC Student Government Association presents annual awards to two outstanding professors chosen by the student body for exemplary teaching skills and exceptional concern for students.

Margaret Kovach, Co-Director of STEM Education at UTC and Abdul Ofoli, U.C. Foundation Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, the 2014 SGA Outstanding Professors, receive a monetary check and a plaque.  Their pictures will be hung on the wall in the University Center.

Deborah McAllister won the 2014 Outstanding University Service Award, given to recognize a professor who has gone above and beyond the usual call of duty.  For the last two years, McAllister has crisscrossed the state representing the concerns and issues of the faculty to higher education administration, legislators, and countless others as the UTC Faculty Senate President.

Gary McDonald of Engineering was honored with the 2014 University Academic Advisor Award.  McDonald advises the newest and youngest engineering majors.

The Council of Scholars was established by the campus and the University of Chattanooga Foundation to honor outstanding scholarly endeavor. The 2014 Council of Scholar inductees include:

  • Chris Cunningham, Psychology;
  • Lingju Kong, Mathematics;
  • Phillip Lewis, Art;
  • Bento Lobo, Finance;
  • Talia Welsh, Philosophy and Religion.

Randy Walker was given the Carolyn Thompson and Roger Brown Award for Community Engagement.

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  1. Eirik says:

    I hate to be that guy, but I find it a little unsettling when I go to the website of an educational institution and there’s a photo on the first page of a student proudly sporting a grammatical error. Nothing against the guy who wrote it, and I respect that he wants to give his support to a professor who he admires/respects/supports/whatever, but it’s a bit of a blight to see that on the main page for a university. It might reflect poorly on the student, but it also reflects poorly on the school since no one seems to have noticed or cared that there’s a simple error that everyone with a high school education should know not to commit. I’m really not trying to be negative, but it’s avoidable and careless, and I feel a little embarrassed. I make mistakes all the time, but if I’m in error, I’m happy to be corrected, lest I look like a fool. I only hope Professor Magee is not an English professor. (In case there is any wonder as to what I’m referring to, it’s the “Professor Magee #your the best” photo, as seen here:

    If it was a joke and I missed it and I am the fool, then sorry I’m a rube with no sense of humor. However, it still might not belong on the main page of a university website.

  2. Andrew says:


    Relax. It’s a bunch of students being goofy and it is very informal. I don’t think it reflects the education the school provides, however maybe it does the students grade school…