The Wicked Witch, the Grinch, and the Cat in the Hat all appeared in this year’s Greek Show to help raise money for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

Every year, UTC’s fraternities and sororities compete in Greek Show, a night full of fun and creative performances. Participating organizations raised money to participate, then put together skits to perform before an audience, which this year included Gregg Cofield, the father of the 2013 Miracle Network Champion, Greer Cofield, who survived a devastating brain injury with treatment from Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

tc-thompson-tour-donation-2014-02The proceeds from this event have traditionally gone toward the Alternative Spring Break program, but because that didn’t take place this year, they had the opportunity to choose a new charity.

“Andrew Sawyer and I were given the opportunity to choose a charity from the community. It was a very hard decision, but we decided that this was a really good cause,” said Mollie Bosworth, Greek Show Chair. “It means a lot to me because I have a four year old sister and if something were to happen to her I would want her to receive the best care.”

“It’s right across the street from our University, so it’s a part of our community that’s really important to us,” said Sawyer, also Greek Show Chair.

Greek Show raised more than $11,000 for T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital, which was presented to the hospital during a tour for these UTC representatives: Dr. John Delaney, Vice Chancellor of Student Development; Justin Pohl, Assistant Dean of Students for Fraternity & Sorority Life & Leadership; Mollie Bosworth, Greek Show Chair; Andrew Sawyer, Greek Show Chair; Hannah Burton, President of Chi Omega, the winning sorority from Greek Show; Matt Wigger, President of Sigma Chi, the winning fraternity from Greek Show; and Megan Van Eaton, President of Alpha Delta Pi, the second place sorority from Greek Show.

“I am always so impressed with the level of accomplishment by many of our student leaders, particularly those involved with our Greek organizations. The decision by the students who coordinated the recent Greek Show to donate the funds to TC Thompson’s Children Hospital is another example of their care and interest in supporting great organizations and services within our local community,” says Delaney. “Students working together to host fun and engaging programs on campus are projects always worth supporting, and when these activities in turn benefit a local agency such as TC Thompson’s Hospital it really does create a win-win outcome for all.”

The funds will likely go towards renovating the hospital rooms, explained Cindy Rhodes, R.N., M.S.N, Administrator of the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

“We have been working on room renovations, so a lot of our donations lately have been going towards that. There may be something with a higher priority that comes up, but that has been what we’ve really been trying to accomplish,” says Rhodes.

The funds will go towards helping children become healthier, no matter what specific project they are used for.

“We’ve encouraged immunizations and vaccinations in the community, so we’re promoting health and seeing less of these bugs that kids get, but we’re starting to see more complex cases, like more babies born into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,” says Rhodes.

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