The UTC Department of Chemistry hosted its twenty-sixth annual awards banquet to recognize the outstanding contributions of its students in the areas of service, research, and scholarship.

chemistry-2014-awards-banquet-01“It has been another successful year for the Department of Chemistry with our graduating students going on to medical school, pharmacy school, graduate school, chemical employment, and high school teaching.  We are proud of all our graduating seniors.  We are grateful for the many individuals who have made donations to our program and who support student success with scholarships and awards,” Dr. Tom Rybolt, Department Head and UC Foundation Professor of Chemistry, said.

Dr. Michelle Grundy, Assistant Professor of Medical Administration at Vanderbilt University, served as guest speaker for the event. Grundy is currently the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences. She is responsible for student recruitment and directs the admissions process for the Ph.D. programs and M.D./Ph.D. Program.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees:

Marvin Anthony Scholarship

Macon Acuff

Trevor Latendresse

Dylan Bryant

Rebekah Cecil

Chicago banker Marvin Anthony, a 1926 chemistry graduate of the University of Chattanooga, established this scholarship for students in chemistry and business administration in 1965.  It honors outstanding chemistry students with an interest in business.

Murray Raney Scholarship

Jeff McDonald

Dakota Turner

This scholarship was established in 1988 by W. R. Grace & Company in memory of Murray Raney, Chattanooga-based inventor of world-famous metal catalysts.  It honors a B.S. Chemistry student with interest in graduate school or industry.

Dr. Charles Robert Thomas Scholarship

Robert Fugatt

Sarah Asemota

This scholarship was established in 1968, in memory of Chattanooga physician Dr. Charles Thomas.  It honors deserving students studying pre-medicine.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Thomasson Premed Scholarship

Hendrik Greve

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Thomasson established this scholarship in 1929. It honors a qualified and deserving student pursuing pre-medicine.

Dr. Charles Robert Russell Scholarship

Kaley Stinnett

Patrick Carey

This award is in honor of Dr. Don J. Russell, a University of Chattanooga graduate and a graduate of the UT College of Medicine.  He specialized in plastic and reconstructive medicine.

Santiago Family Biochemistry Scholarship

Kristina Henson

This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student in biochemistry.

Higdon Book Scholarship

Luiz Santos

Jennifer Hedman

Karen Merriweather

Wittmann Murphy

Michael Swallows

Alexandra Knox

Kaylin Johnson

Macon Acuff

Katherine Adorati

Taylor Hayden

Shauntra Spencer

Callianne Tidwell

Charles Thomas

Julea Tignor

Nijaa Murray

Payton Coffelt

Kristina Henson

Lindsey Goodin

Marjorie Fox Higdon, a 1947 graduate of the program, established an endowment to assist deserving students pursuing chemistry degrees.

Benjamin H. Gross Award

Eddie Dunn

Jessica Murray

Established in 1998, in honor of Guerry Professor Emeritus Dr. Benjamin Gross, this award honors the most outstanding senior chemistry major. Gross earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Chattanooga in 1952 and returned in 1964 to become head of the department. Gross served for 27 years in this capacity, and the many accomplishments of the Department of Chemistry over the past three decades are due in large measure to his outstanding leadership.

John W. Edwards Award

Katherine Adorati

Hendrik Greve

Michelle Smith

This award honors the most outstanding junior and sophomore chemistry majors.  It is presented in memory of John W. Edwards, who served the University of Chattanooga as a chemistry faculty member and department head from 1918 to 1941. Edwards was a popular instructor who introduced research into the curriculum. He served for more than 20 years as chairman of the athletics committee and was instrumental in the formation of the Southern Conference.

Robert L. McNeely Award

Miranda Trentle

Established in 2008, in honor of Professor Emeritus Robert McNeely, this award recognizes an outstanding senior who is planning graduate studies in chemistry or in related areas. McNeely earned a B.S. degree from Duke and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina.  He was a member of the chemistry department from 1969 to 1997, during which he also served as Department Head, Acting Dean, and Acting Associate Provost.

Thomas G. Waddell Award

Michael Hankins

Established in 2008, in honor of Guerry Professor Emeritus Thomas Waddell, this award honors an outstanding upper-level chemistry student who has shown a dedication to the department and who is planning graduate study. Waddell earned a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. from UCLA.  After postdoctoral studies at UC Berkeley, he joined the Chemistry Department at UT Chattanooga in 1971, where he taught until his retirement in 2007.  During his tenure at UT Chattanooga, Waddell was a productive researcher with nearly 100 publications in scientific journals.

William O. Swan Award

Treah Major

C. Drew Thomas

Kristin Knight

This award, in memory of William O. Swan, is presented to outstanding freshman chemistry majors.  Dr. Swan served as a member of the chemistry faculty at the University of Chattanooga from 1941 to 1968.  He was a popular instructor who is remembered for his outstanding General Chemistry course and for his exceptional rapport with students.

Organic Award

Katherine Adorati

Ajay Makwana

This award is given to outstanding students in organic chemistry

Senior Organic Award

Eddie Dunn

This award is given to an outstanding senior in organic chemistry

American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Affiliates Award

Jessica Murray

This award is given to a student member of ACS based on exceptional service and contributions to the student affiliates.

ACS Local Section Award

Jaslynn Murphy

This award is given to a senior based on service to the department, academic achievement, and interest in a career in chemistry.

Hypercube Award

Patrick O’Brien

This award is given to an outstanding student in computational chemistry.

Analytical Award

Jessica Murray

This award is given to an outstanding student in analytical chemistry courses.

Gregory Grant Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Trevor Latendresse

This award, in recognition of UTC Professor Emeritus Dr. Gregory Grant, is presented to an outstanding student in Inorganic Chemistry.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Jeff McDonald

This award is given to an outstanding teaching assistant.

Inducted into Gamma Sigma Epsilon

Dylan M. Bryant

Patrick J. Carey

Robert B. Fugatt

Hendrik J. Greve

Walter N. Harrington

Trevor P. Latendresse

Molly C. McEnery

David A. Mckeel

Evan J. Miller

Michael C. Orick

Jay N. Patel

Caitlin E. Quinn

Ashley D. Riner

Ethan M. Simmons

Michelle D. Smith

Kaley D. Stinnett

Gamma Sigma Epsilon is the National Chemistry Honor Society.  Its purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of Chemistry.  Gamma Sigma Epsilon was originally founded at William and Mary College in the late 1800s, and subsequently became an honor society of national stature.  Dr. Irvine Grote and Dr. John Edwards established the UTC chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon in 1931, with the goal of recognizing excellence in our department.

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