After a 22-hour flight from Kenya to the United States, Dr. David Kosgei, Dr. Japheth Kogei , Dr. Isaac Kirop  and Lecturer Diane Korir were exhausted, but excited for their first visit to Chattanooga. The professors visited UTC as part of a partnership between Moi University and the UTC College of Business.

Left to right: UTC College of Business Dean Dr. Robert Dooley, Dr. David Kosgei from Moi University, UTC Chancellor Dr. Steve Angle,  Dr. Isaac Kirop from Moi University, Dr. Japheth Kogei from Moi University, and Lecturer Diane Korir from Moi University.

Left to right: UTC College of Business Dean Dr. Robert Dooley, Dr. David Kosgei, UTC Chancellor Dr. Steve Angle, Dr. Isaac Kirop, Dr. Japheth Kogei , and Lecturer Diane Korir

Dr. Robert Dooley, Dean of the UTC College of Business (COB), began the partnership with Moi University in 2008, when he held the position of Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Along with his colleagues, Dooley has worked to facilitate the completion of doctoral degrees for Moi’s faculty.

UTC has been involved for two years by bringing small groups of Moi and Kenyan faculty to the Chattanooga campus for a week. During the most recent visit, the professors had a full schedule of meetings with UTC professors and administrators, receiving training on online learning, and attending classes in management, statistics, and accounting.

“The campus is very beautiful. The faculty and staff at UTC and the city of Chattanooga have been so welcoming. They’ve all been very good people,” Kosgei said.

The professors were interested in learning about The University’s focus on student success. In the UTC College of Business, faculty and staff have concentrated on the academic preparation and teaching of students to be “business-world ready.” The College has revamped their student services, offering more comprehensive career counseling and advising resources.

“We’ve learned a lot, and we hope to replicate the concept of student success. We want to better prepare students for the outside world. We want to collaborate more with outside industry,” Kosgei said.

According to Korir, the faculty also hope to incorporate more student success initiatives. She was particularly impressed with the College of Business’s Living and Learning Community where a select group of freshmen who are pre-business majors integrate their common quarters, class schedules and outside activities during their first year at UTC. These students work closely with juniors and seniors who major in business, COB faculty, campus administrators, and community leaders.

“Our students have a lot of dedication and self-drive to learn despite numerous challenges and lack of resources. We touch so many lives as teachers, and want to continue to give the very best to our students,” Korir said.

The trip included some fun activities, such as dinner parties and tours of the city. For Kogei, one of his favorite activities was visiting downtown Chattanooga

“We walked across the Walnut Street Bridge… such a beautiful place,” he said.

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