Summer heat and dreams of sandy beaches may be occupying your thoughts, but be sure to sign up for classes in fall semester 2014!

Classes begin on August 18, and the course schedule for fall semester is online. The online registration program is located in My MocsNet  within the Academics tab. The offered classes for spring and summer 2014 can be viewed by clicking “Schedule of Classes” under the “Registration and Student Records” heading.

All freshmen and transfer students not previously enrolled at UTC must attend Orientation. Orientation groups will register for classes together as a part of the orientation.

Students will need to see an advisor to get a new six-digit Alternate PIN (the advisement/registration code). The Fall Alternate PIN will be different from PINs used to register for the spring and summer semesters. It is required to drop a class online at any time during the semester.

Students should check their MyMocsNet account to find their advisor’s name. If no advisor is listed, students should contact their major department. Freshman and undecided majors should contact the UTC Center for Advisement  in room 108 of the University Center.

If a student needs a particular course in order to graduate but there are no available seats, students may make a request via an online form.

It’s important to clear all holds (monetary, immunization, etc.) with the appropriate office before registering for classes. The Records Office cannot remove holds or make exceptions for holds from other offices.  Holds may be viewed under the “Academics” tab at the top of the MyMocsNet page, and then clicking the “Holds” link under the “Registration and Student Records” heading. Address any holds with the department in which the hold originated.

Students must pay fees in a timely manner or their registration will be cancelled and previously-assigned closed class overrides will be deleted. They will then have to re-register for classes with no guarantee of having the same schedule as the original registration.

For more information, see the registration web pages.

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