By Ashley Arnold, University Relations Intern

UTC Nursing Students pre-Haiti TripStudents and faculty from UTC’s School of Nursing took a medical mission trip to Haiti where they were able to work with local people to provide the care that many of them desperately needed.

Kathrin Brewer, a fifth semester nursing student, talks about her experience working in Haiti, saying, “Everyone says it’s so selfless, but really in a way it’s almost selfish because you go and they’re giving you so much and you’re getting so much out of it.”

The Haitian people struggle to obtain even basic healthcare, and the UTC group worked to fill their need to the best of their ability. Brewer and the rest of the group were amazed at how much the local people would do in order to see a physician, saying, “Seeing what they have to go through to get health care, it’s just absolutely shocking.”

The mission group did several mobile clinics outside the town of Leogane, often traveling from there into the mountains to help many different groups of people.  Their team included three physicians who saw people for problems ranging from high blood pressure to more severe issues.

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