engineering-showcase-2015-skylar-transporterA team of engineering students looked closely at the way a barber’s chair works, and then incorporated a similar pneumatic lift in a rolling device. They planned the design to move a young girl with cerebral palsy from her bed, to the bathroom, and to the stair lift.

Skyler, 10-years-old, lives with her grandparents, who had been manually moving her.  As Skyler has grown, moving her has become more difficult.

“The dimensions of the home are not built according to ADA standards,” explained Corbin Williams, a member of the student team.  “We are working to accommodate Skyler’s weight, 100 pounds, with a lift that is reliable and will work for an extended period.”

Lorrie Pruett, also on the team, explained the rolling device can be used to help Skyler get on and off the floor when she is playing.

“This device will lower to eight inches off the floor and three feet high,” Pruett said.  “There is a moveable armrest and a seatbelt so that she will be secure.”

Steven Freeman said the students struggled a bit with how to smoothly raise and lower the lift.

“We are expecting the project to come in close to our budget of $800,” he said.

The team project was presented at the 2015 Engineering Showcase.

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