Caleb Casey, MaKenzie Gray, Mitchell Rayl, and Will RichLayla is a six-year-old girl who continues to use diapers because of premature birth defects. Because she has grown too big for a regular changing table, her parents needed an alternative option. A group of UTC engineering students worked together to build Layla’s new changing table. The group included Caleb Casey, MaKenzie Gray, Mitchell Rayl, and Will Rich.

“I personally learned so much. You have to think of every possible scenario to provide a good product for the client,” said Casey.

Layla is also too heavy for her mother to safely lift. To solve this problem, the group designed a ladder up the side of the table to allow Layla to climb onto the table herself.

“The building process proved more difficult than predicted. Some screw holes were missed, we had to make adjustments,” Rich said.

“We really learned a lot. At the start, we didn’t really know what we were doing. We definitely learned how to build a sturdy frame,” Gray said.

Because Layla and her siblings will be using and playing near the table, the group had to take particular care to make sure it was safe. The structure had to be stable and sturdy, as well as free from sharp edges.

“You have to get rid of all the potential hazards, round all the sharp edges, choose round handles, things you don’t think of early in the design process,” Gray said.

“We’d made designs for class before, but that was as far as it went. This was the first time we had the chance to build those designs,” Rayl said.

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