There’s this preconceived notion that the only people who go to the University’s writing center are those struggling through a composition paper, but our Writing and Communication Center (WCC) offers so much more.

Dr. Maggie Herb recently took over as Director for the Writing and Communication Center. She’s fighting the stereotypes, and proving how the center is a resource for more than just help with papers.

“In fact, we’re now called the Writing and Communication Center to emphasize that fact. In addition to traditional papers, students can also seek help with things like resumes and cover letters, speeches, and presentations. As we like to say, if what you’re working on involves words, we can probably help,” Herb says.

She also explains that the center is a great place to find inspiration for an assignment.

“Students can visit the WCC at any stage of their writing/creation process. In fact, students can visit without having written a single word! Tutors can help students make sense of a confusing assignment, brainstorm topics/ideas, and make an outline or writing plan.”

Herb hopes that the campus at large will begin to recognize the rich resources of the WCC. The center has upgraded their offerings with extended hours and a more rigorous training program for tutors, as well as providing numerous workshops throughout the semester. An extensive list of their workshops and online registration can be found here.

WCC’s director urges not only the students, but faculty and staff to tap-into their on campus resources as well. Herb can even work with faculty to provide in-class workshops on writing related topics.

For more information about UTC’s WCC, visit their website or check out our previous article.

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Sarah is a staff writer in UTC's Office of Communications and Marketing.

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