Two Participants will wear this device in the upcoming Chattanooga Marathon.

Two Participants will wear this device in the upcoming Chattanooga Marathon.

The recent UT President’s Council Tour introduced new and exciting technology that our students and faculty are using right here in Chattanooga.

Included in the tour was the new EG device being used by our Health and Human Performance department. The small headpiece, completely mobile, relies on Bluetooth as it scans the brain. Its mobility pulls research out of the labs and into the field.

“What we’re going to do with this research is we can put this on somebody’s head and we can watch their brain activity while they are doing different activities, say, climbing or rappelling, and we can check the difference between the two to see if their stress levels go up or down, and how their brain reacts to challenge in general,” explained Dr. Drew Bailey, assistant professor, Health and Human Performance.

This mobile technology will actively be used in the upcoming Chattanooga Marathon. At least two participants will wear the head pieces for the entire race while real-time data streams live to allow for monitoring of their bodies’  response to the race at every step.



Want to cheer on the participants at the inaugural Chattanooga Marathon? UTC will have our very own Spirit Zone on Sunday, March 6, 9:30 A.M.- 1:30 P.M., Heritage Plaza and Vine St.

Student Organizations have the opportunity to compete for the “Most Spirit” award for a chance to win $500!

For more details contact Madison Ralston in the Dean of Students Office or Shaquille Robinson in HHP at

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