He came to UTC with big dreams of composing music for orchestras.

“I wrote a piece, they said I could have it practiced, and maybe performed. I will never forget that day. Getting to see multiple people in that room trying to bring something to life that I had been working on for months. So yeah, that was my moment.”

And now, he’s living in Los Angeles where he writes soundtracks for video games, movies, and tv shows. By studying with the faculty of UTC’s Department of Music he was provided the tools he needed to succeed. Now he’s a successful professional in the music industry.

“I feel like if you don’t pick up the ball and try to practice the tools that they’re giving you to work with, then you might be left in the dark.”


Casey composed music used in live action promotions for The Division, not the video game.

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2 Comments » for Student Success: Casey Edwards, Alumni
  1. Ziidee Baridor says:

    What about international students, do you admit international students? If you do, what is the cost per international student? Also, i will like to know more about your mechanical engineering program.
    thank you

  2. Cheryl Toomey says:

    Ziidee, you can call our admissions department at (423) 425-4662 so get more information on our admission policies.

    You can find out more about mechanical engineering by visiting their website or by calling (423) 425-2256.