Yousef Hamadeh

Yousef Hamadeh

Perhaps the title ‘attorney’ elicits images of briefcases, court rooms, or scenes from “Law and Order”, but what does someone of that job description really do on UTC’s Campus?

Since joining Campus as Assistant General Counsel earlier this year, Yousef Hamadeh discovered there’s a lot more diversity in higher education law, as opposed to his previous experience.

Whereas his time was previously devoted to handling litigation matters for clients by defending or prosecuting lawsuits, now, his days are much more varied. Hamadeh’s schedule goes from handling student conduct issues to contract review (and a host of responsibilities in between). When he isn’t handling legal matters at UTC, Hamadeh enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and hiking.

Hamadeh wanted to pass along what he learned as a college student to current Mocs, “Choose an area of study that you enjoy learning about. Treat your school work like a job by establishing a routine for studying on campus. You don’t need to be in the library all day every day, but putting in just a couple of hours a day before you leave campus goes a long way to avoid having to cram at exam time. Listen to your professors more. They are a lot wiser than you. Get more involved in student activities and organizations.”

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