The Decoda Cello Quartet is a part of the Decoda Ensemble, based in New York City.  The members of The Decoda Cello Quartet are highly accomplished professional musicians who perform in a variety of groups, tour, and participate in community enrichment and educational projects. They presented a workshop on community engagement through music and arts on Friday, January 20 in Cadek Recital Hall.

The video shows The Decoda Cello Quartet performing for UTC students and the public. Claire Bryant, a cellist in the Decoda, talks about her experience while performing and how music can make an impact on the community.

UTC senior Jonathan Bartholomew found the experience eye opening, saying, “This actually really opened my mind to a lot of more ideas about composing, as well as what I can do with music both socially and privately and just how I can open to the world with music and get everybody united.”

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