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What: School of Nursing Poster Presentations

When: 1:30-3:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 4

Where: Third Floor of Metro Building, 511 McCallie Ave.

Information: Kate Kemplin, 425-4652 or kate-kemplin@utc.edu


What: Department of Political Science Poster Presentations

When: 3:25-4:40 p.m. Monday, Dec. 4

Where: Pfeiffer Hall, Oak Street

Information: Amanda Wintersieck, 425-2150 or amanda-wintersieck@utc.edu


Two separate events take place Monday as undergraduate students from the School of Nursing and the Department of Political Science present the findings of their research projects.

In the School of Nursing, the presentations are:

  • Wardah Sheikh, Chelsea Smith, Dakota Smith, Rachel Wise: ” ‘Spoon-feeding’ Is Not Support: Dismantling Misperceptions of the Learning Needs of Millennial Students”
  • Selin Anchanattu, Nikita Desai, Bailey Laughmiller, Miji Lee, Ryen Rae, Ashton Watts: “Easy to Judge, More Difficult to Understand: Student and Faculty Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Transgendered Individuals”
  • Theresa Garaguso, Reed Glover, Macey Meeks, Bailey Tucker, Brooke Willingham: “Strangers in a Strange Land: Quantitative Analysis of Nursing Student Assimilation into Foreign Clinical Environments”
  • Rebekah Berry, Anna Myers, Joseph Pope, Halle Raines, Katherine Walsh: “Internal Consistency and Psychometric Performance of the Deployment Risk and Resiliency Inventory in Military and Nursing Student Participant Cohorts”
  • Kathryn Andrews, Claire Elliott, Lindsey Justice, Madyline Stallings, Taylor Theobold: “Quantitative Analysis of Military vs. Civilian Knowledge of Medical Marijuana in Treating Combat-Associated Trauma”
  • Taylor Hartline, Racquel O’Hanna, Cassidy Barrett, Briana Randolph, Jonathan Curtis, Rasim Kazic: “Apathetic or Pragmatic: Associations of Childhood Adversity and Intrinsic Academic Motivation in Undergraduate Nursing Students”
  • Michael Bramble, Cassandra Clendenen, Kelly Heffington, Candice Johnson, Madison Kasel, Whitney Sims: “Better with Age? Analysis of Age and Self-Esteem in Nursing Education”


In Political Science, the presentations are:

  • Samantha Adams: “Framing Effects in a Competitive Environment: Black Lives Matter vs. President Trump”
  • Tori Bradley: “Are College Students Consistent with Their Ideologies on Ethical Issues?”
  • Manuel Douglas: “Forgive and Forget? The Effect of Education on the Perception of Ex-Convicts”
  • Alexander Forgey: “Student Opinion and Effect of Tennessee Faculty Gun Law”
  • Daniel Horton: “Ethnocentrism and Disaster Relief Opinion”
  • Brandon Layne: “Political Involvement as it Pertains to College Students”
  • Tucker McClendon: “Political Interest, Involvement and Knowledge through a College Career”
  • Cara Reid: “The Effects of Education Inequality on Public Opinion”
  • Logan Rich: “Regional Attitudes and Framing Effects: Attitudes on Moonshining in the South”
  • Kayley Russell: “Influences on Ethnocentrism: Education vs. Political Knowledge”
  • David Sasseen: “Political Polarization Among College Students”
  • Ben Vega: “Barrier to Moderation: Ethnocentrism as a Predictor of Gun Control Opinion”

Media Relations Contacts: Email Shawn Ryan or call (423) 425-4363.