Over the last three years, students in the Undergraduate Nursing Program have worked to raise awareness regarding the issues related to smoking and secondhand smoke on our campus. The fifth-level Community Health students worked with the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Health Department by polling students and faculty regarding issues related to this public health issue.

In the fall of 2017, three students measured carbon monoxide levels in smokers and nonsmokers on campus and found startling results. Some of the nonsmoking students had significantly elevated levels, something that was not expected. The School of Nursing believes this is a serious public health and wellness issue and are extremely pleased that UTC is now moving toward a healthier community by becoming a smoke-free campus.

Student Health Services will support any student, faculty or staff member who needs assistance becoming smoke-free. The mission of Student Health Services is to deliver high-quality healthcare that is holistic in nature and easily accessible. Working through a collaboration between the healthcare provider and patient, we are pleased to be able to walk with those who choose to work toward a smoke-free existence.

For more information or to receive assistance in becoming smoke-free:

Media Relations Contacts: Email Shawn Ryan or call 423-425-4363.
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