Across campus, colleges and departments are hosting their annual awards banquets. More awards listings will be added to this page as they come in.


College of Engineering and Computer Science

College of Engineering and Computer Science students, faculty and staff attend their awards banquet.


Alstom Power Inc. Engineering GEAR UP Scholarship

Marvin Nde

American Production and Inventory Control Society Scholarship

Hunter Ladd

American Society of Civil Engineers, Chattanooga Branch – eWeek Scholarship

Seth Caudle, Caroline Meacham, Daylen Brown

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Chattanooga Section – eWeek Scholarship

Jose Bueno Medino

BASF Corporation – eWeek Scholarship

Cooper Thome

Ryan Brackett Award

Ty Aaron Tucker

Chattanooga Engineers Club – eWeek Scholarship

Dakila Ledesma

2017 CHATECH Annual Scholarships

Steven Hullander, Elyse Janes, Jose Stovall, Conner McPherson, Grace McPherson, Daniel Velasquez

CompUTC Service Award

Connor McPherson

Dr. Ron Cox Outstanding Graduate Engineering Management Student Award

Aaron Rubel

Dean’s Merit Scholarship

William Barnard, Seth Caudle, Emily Chase, Elizabeth Davis, Olivia George, Jacob Monroe, Cooper Thome

Dean’s Merit Scholarship

Tony Amegnaglo, Rachel Anderson, Peyton Ball, Jose Bueno Medino, Christiana Buck, Madison Chan, Aaron Crawford, Christopher Davis, Elizabeth Durant, Amanda George, Hannah Gifford, Kacee Hedrick, Casey King, Hunter Ladd, Lionardo Lado, Hannah Rose Margavio, Connor McPherson, Benjamin Ovsiew, Kathryn Rouse, Ashwyn

Sam, Steven Sawyer, Nathan Stine, William Strike, Kimberly Thelen, Nathan Watson, Bowen Wexler

Dean’s Graduate Student Merit Scholarship

Laura Lee, Ty Tucker, Molley Welch, Hiroshi Yanagida

Engineers Week Committee – eWeek Scholarship

Hannah Rose Margavio

John F. Germ Scholarship

Robert Davies

Dr. William Q. Gurley Scholarship

Michael Lett

William Q. Gurley Scholarship

Tony Amegnaglo, Andrew Byrd, DeMarco Gatti

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kinser Scholarship

Madison Chan, Hunter Ladd

Mr. Thomas J. Kline Scholarship

William Chiolo

Norbert Koch Engineering Scholarship

Abigail Doyle, Jose Bueno Medino

Lukens Award

Monica San Juan Garcia De Eulate

Jack C. Marcellis Civil Engineering Scholarship

Ty Tucker, Seth Caudle and Kimberly Thelen

Mary Alice McBrayer Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Davis, Anna Duong, Samantha Sweck, Nathan Watson

Stan McCay Scholarship

Gabriella Fowler

McKee Foods Scholarship Award

Keith Hollingsworth, Dakila Ledesma

National Science Foundation S-STEM Scholarship

Donna Nguyen, Pete Way, Sharhea Bell, Kathyrn Rouse, Casey Honaker-Stinett, J’Tia Williamson, James Hare, Keith Hollingsworth, Eric Camp, Grace McPherson, Alaykumar Patel, Dakila Ledesma, Jose Stovall, Peyton Ball, Jared Taylor, Adam Blake Bell, Jeremiah Roland, Connor McPherson, Carson Woods, David Donovan

National Science Foundation CyberCorps Scholarship

Hector Suarez, Steven Schmitt, Steven Hullander

James W. Rogers Scholarship

Abigail Doyle, Lisa Phan

Dr. J. Eric Schonblom Scholarship

Diego Amaro

Society of Women Engineers, Chattanooga Area Section eWeek Scholarship

Elizabeth Durant

Tennessee Road Builders Association Scholarship

DeMarco Gatti, Seth Caudle, Lukas Barr

LaVerne Thompson Memorial Scholarship Award

Caroline Meacham

A.L. Vest Engineering Scholarship

Chase Carroll

James Wright Scholarship (Tennessee Road Builders Association)

Thomas Richardson



Civil and Chemical Engineering

Outstanding Teaching

Ignatius Fomunung

Outstanding Research

Weidong Wu

Outstanding Service

Bradley Harris

Computer Science and Engineering

Outstanding Teaching

Farah Kandah

Outstanding Research

 Li Yang

Outstanding Service

Joe Dumas

Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Teaching

Abdul Ofoli

Outstanding Research

Daniel Loveless

Outstanding Service

Raga Ahmed

Engineering Management & Technology

Outstanding Teaching

Alexandr Sokolov

Outstanding Service

Wolday Abrha

Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Teaching

Chuck Margraves

Outstanding Research

Robert Webster

Outstanding Service

Trevor Elliott


Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Award winners in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures are, from left, Alaina Krakowiak, Meagan Williams, Ryan Ledford, Rebecca Biancofiore, Doug Ledford, Tanesha Colquitt, Denalyn Lindsey, Samantha Adams, Mae Stuart, Evan Suggs, Jennifer Eason and Rachel Frizzell.


Outstanding Second-Year Student

Evan Suggs

Outstanding Senior

Rachel Frizzell

Latin and Humanities

Outstanding Graduating Latin Major

Jennifer Eason

Outstanding Second-Year Student

Alaina Krakowiak

Outstanding Graduating Humanities

Rebecca Biancofiore

Outstanding Graduating International Studies

Mae Stuart

North Callahan Undergraduate

Denalyn Lindsey


Terrell Tatum Scholarship

Tanesha Colquitt & Doug Ledford

Oralia Preble-Niemi Scholarship

Tanesha Colquitt & Ryan Ledford

Outstanding Second-Year Student

Meagan Williams

Outstanding Senior

Samantha Adams


College of Health, Education and Professional Studies


Community Service

Levy Vogel


Hunter Amos

Undergraduate Research

Garner Cox

Graduate Research

Damon Sowers

National Science Foundation Noyce Scholars

Kaitlyn Gallowitz, Katelyn Horton, Ashley McMullen, Mary Prince, Madison Stewart

John T. Steiner Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Kaitlyn Gallowitz

Outstanding Seniors & Second-Year Graduate Students

Sport, Outdoor & Tourism Management

Eric Cantrell


Annette Kutilek

Health & Physical Education

Emilie Sloan

Exercise Science

Haley Matlock

Graduate Athletic Training

Madeline Johnson

Physical Activity & Health

Alexandra Grant

Outstanding Seniors & First-Year Graduate Students

Sport, Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Management

Sarah Swainson


Mary Still

Health & Physical Education

Katie Corum

Exercise Science

Brandon Conetta

Graduate Athletic Training

Alyssa Johnson

Physical Activity & Health

Kori Hahn



Outstanding Teaching/Advising

Susan Barlow & Charlene Schmidt

Outstanding Research/Scholarship

Andrew Bailey & Dana Moody

Outstanding Service/Outreach

Cathie Smith & June Hanks

Outstanding Grantsmanship

Jennifer Ellis

Outstanding Clinical Partner

Health South Chattanooga Rehabilitation Hospital

Outstanding Clinical Instructor

Kim Taylor

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

Rebecca Williams

Dean Stinnett Award

Chris Smith & Elizabeth O’Brien

Special Service

Elizabeth Dalton Award

Special Service

Susan McDonald

Special Research

Lucien Ellington

School of Nursing Outstanding Faculty

Priscilla Simms Roberson

School of Education

Josh L. Bailey Scholarship

Emilee Smith & Shane Wolfe

Clayton Arnold Scholarship

Carolyn Chitwood, Jessica A. O’Brien, Sarah Asher, Christie Butler, Alivia Lee, Lauren Leisenring, Kelsey Skillman, Houston Nichols, Alden Gailmard, Samantha Gulley

Bernard Benson Scholarship

Madison Stewart

Seryl Berger Memorial Scholarship 

Miranda Shults, Lindsey Smith, Meredith Taylor

Miller/Schwartz Scholarship

Baylee Ballinger

Carol Smith Sanders Scholarship

Britini-Anne Bromfield, Laura Laurence

Kazanowski Scholarship

Lindsey Watson

Gillie Queener Carter Scholarship

Abigayle Dickey

Lottie Smith Hemmings Scholarship

Sharon Decker &  Alivia Lee

Thomas Bibler Scholarship

Alexis Lane

Outstanding Student Recognition

Each One Reach One Awards

Liza Harvey, Sarah Harrison, Meredith Taylor, Mary Prince, Emilee Smith, Megan Miklisicak, Brayden Robinson, Kassidy Weber, Pascale Haug, Lindsey Smith

Literacy I

Christie Butler

Literacy II

Alden Gailmard


Lindsey Watson, Elizabeth Ward, Joy Williams, Slone Botts, Corie Wilson, Allison Jobbitt

Exceptional Learning 

Tucker Mcguinness, Stephen Defur, Joanna Marcus, Madison Luna, Emily Carpenter

Graduate Literacy Research

Nicole Gillispie

Graduate ESL Studies

Cecily Parrott

Undergraduate Literacy Research

Kristin Rayment

Composition Studies

Kayla Greco

Child and Family Studies

Emory Allen

Residency I 

Haley Morris

Alden Gailmard

Residency II

Destiny Carnal, Christin Willingham, Mayleen Call, Jordan Eagel, Elizabeth Wilson, Pascale Haug, Caroline Ziegler, Courtnie Watson, Krista Miller, Ashley Weimer, Mary Page Pearson

Early Childhood Education

Hope Emof, Elliot Couch, Slone Botts

Middle Grades Education

Sydney Russell

Secondary Education

Kelsey Miles

Exceptional Learning

Tucker Mcguinness

Related Arts

Jora Burnett

Master of Social Work Field Agency of the Year

The Next Door

Master of Social Work Field Student of the Year

Chris Smith

Bachelor of Social Work Field Student of the Year

Kaitlyn Cockrell

Bachelor of Social Work Field Instructor of the Year

Katie Wilson


Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics award and scholarship winners, from left, Douglas White, Ashley McMullen, Norman Jetmundsen, Kelsey Miles, Peter Zeglen, Grace Cahill, Nathan Stine, Casey King, Chad Tawfik and Bailey Sudduth.

Freshman Mathematics

Casey King

James G. Ware Mathematics Education

Kelsey Miles

John W. Jayne Memorial Mathematics

Nathan Stine

Outstanding Graduate Student

Chayu Yang

Ruth Clark Perry Memorial Mathematics

Ashley Mcmullen, Grace Cahill

Winston L. Massey Memorial Mathematics

Douglas White

Karel and Harriet Hujer Scholarship

Chad Tawfik

Dorothy Dean Shelton Mathematics Scholarship

Peter Zeglen

Marjorie Watson Mathematics Scholarship

Bailey Sudduth, Norman Jetmundsen


College of Arts and Sciences

Dean’s Awards

Administrative Assistant of the Year

Kelly Locke (Biology, Geology and Environmental Science)

Grants Person of the Year

Dr. Jennifer Boyd (Biology, Geology and Environmental Science)

Promising Researcher of the Year

Dr. Jill Shelton (Psychology)

Innovative Teacher of the Year

Dr. Susan Eckelmann Berghel (History)

Creative Artist of the Year

Dr. Jordan Amirkhani (Art)

Promising Teacher of the Year

Dr. Shannon McCarragher (Social, Cultural and Justice Studies)

Department Head of the Year

Dr. John Tucke (Biology, Geology and Environmental Science)

Most Improved Program of the Year

Military Science

Department of the Year


2018-19 RCA Grant Recipients


Julia Cummiskey, Annie Tracy Samue

Biology, Geology and Environmental Science

Loren Hayes


Phillip Andrew Lewis’

Social, Cultural and Justice Studies

Shannon McCarragher

Performing Arts

Keyon Wilson


Department of Chemistry and Physics

Students, faculty and staff from the Department of Chemistry and Physics attend their annual awards banquet.


American Chemical Society Local Section

Connor Frye

Gregory Grant Award

Rachel Hofer

Student Affiliates Service Award

Neethu Kurien, Rachel Peters

Teaching Assistant

Jessica Ammon , Morgan Hardee, Neethu Kurien, Chelsey Mertens,  Sant Patel

Swan Award

Allycia Lee, Sophia Neglia

Edwards Award

Rachel Hofer, Kevin Lee, Marcelo Morrice, Elizabeth Zuy

McNeely Award

Connor Frye

Waddell Award

Will Robinson

Gross Award

Neethu Kurien

Undergraduate Analytical Award

Josh Herndon

Organic & Polymer Chemistry Award

Blake Corman, Allison Graham, Cora Miller

American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Award

Will Robinson


Harold Marlow Scholarship

Jordan Madrigal

UC Foundation Akers Physics Endowment

Sara Bey

UC Foundation Deuberry Scholarship

James Collins

US Foundation Hujer Scholarship

Ben Smith

Westbrook Scholarship

Courtney Baier, Luccas DoCarmo,  Jacob Ewald, Evyn Hawkins, Daniel Haymer, Rachel Hofer, Derek Holman, Chelsey Mertens, Cora Miller, Marcelo Morrice, Trevor Paratore, Ben Smith, Yelyzaveta Zuy

UC Foundation Higdon Chemistry Book Endowment

Katelynn Ballou, Lindsay Betts, Carson Black, Ashli Chew, Alivia Fann, Hannah Holmberg, Brittany LaMay, Danielle Larson, Cora Miller, Katy Nix, Julia Ruiz, Nicholas Schwartz, Mackenzie Wall, Reid Jeremy Williams, Camry Williams, Sara Wysor, Melissa Zamudio

UC Foundation Murray Raney Chemistry Scholarship

Trevor Paratore, Jordan Taylor

UC Foundation Don Russell Chemistry Scholarship

Courtney Baier

UC Foundation Alan Zinaman Scholarship

Jacob Ewald

UC Foundation Thomas Pre-Med Chemistry Scholarship

Marcelo Morrice

UC Foundation Thomas Pre-Med Chemistry  Scholarship

Luccas DoCarmo

UC Foundation  Thomasson Pre-Med Chemistry  Scholarship

Miles Mallicote

UC Foundation Marvin L. Anthony Chemistry Scholarship

Daniel Haymer, Cintly Guzman-Hernandez, Chelsey Mertens, Elizabeth Zuy

Santiago Family Biochemistry Scholarship

Sydney Jones, Lara Partridge





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