Carmen Jimenez received La Paz Chattanooga’s Leadership of the Year award. Photo courtesy of La Paz Chattanooga.

La Paz is a local social service agency that works to empower and engage Chattanooga’s Latino population. Jimenez said she was surprised by the award and feels as though she’s receiving it for all of the other nominees.

“I could not believe it!” she said, “It is an honor for me.  I know every single one of the nominees deserves this award. My chair, colleagues and family have always encouraged and supported me.”

A cohort of 10 honorees, including Jimenez, were recognized at the recent LaPaz Latino Leadership Awards. The Latino of the Year honor goes to an individual who has made the most meaningful impact on the community, as determined by La Paz staff, board members and an awards selection committee.

Julian Ramirez, a former student of Jimenez, presented the award. “Dr. Jimenez was more than just a professor at UTC,” said Ramirez. “She helped me realize that I shouldn’t limit my potential and goals. She cares deeply for the Latin Community and wants to push the community to succeed farther than they expect.”

La Paz describes its core mission as expanding the Latino population’s influence with entrepreneurs and professionals who help create a vibrant, diverse business community.

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