On the morning of Thursday, Jan. 9, there will be the Spring Semester test for UTC-ALERT system. It is only a test.

UTC-ALERT messages share critical information during emergencies with the campus community.

Along with the current methods of getting ALERT messages to students, faculty and staff —text, email, Alertus beacons, social media and an RSS banner across the main web page for UTC (utc.edu) — the test will include two new methods of delivering alerts.

  • Computers on campus have been loaded with a desktop alert function, which is a full-screen pop-up alert. When an emergency notification is sent this way, the message -opens over the entire computer screen and stays up until the user acknowledges the alert.
  • Canvas will display critical information to its homepage after signing in. As the learning management system used by all students and faculty, using Canvas will add to our emergency messaging efforts.

To learn more about the UTC-ALERT system, visit www.utc.edu/alert.


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