In a partnership between the Office of Sustainability at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and green|spaces, the local nonprofit focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship in the Chattanooga area, a push is on to recycle batteries and light bulbs instead of sending them to local landfills.

Several options are available:

  1. Batteries Plus Bulbs, 5550 Highway 153, Suite 101, Hixson, TN  37343, (423) 874-1050
  2. Place your used batteries in your nearest Techno-Trash bin on campus. The white cardboard boxes are located in most campus buildings and are funded by student Green Fees.  All items in TechnoTrashboxes is sent to a sustainable company for refurbish, reuse or recycle by GreenDisk. Alkaline batteries will be separted and sent to Batteries Plus Bulbs.
  3. For bulk, departmental battery deliveries, send them to the Administrative Services Building or complete a Recycle Request for pickup at:

To learn how TechnoTrash items are used, got to the GreenDisk website:

Click this link for a map of TechnoTrash locations on campus:!m/500454?ce/48939?bm/

Over the past five years, UTC has recycled more than 1,300 tons of material. Among the items recycled are laptops, cords, phones, print cartridges, keyboards, cameras, headphones, CD/DVDs, floppy disks, VHS tapes, calculators, even drones.  Some items date as far back as 1970.

Recently, UTC has moved to single-stream recycling, which means paper products, metals, and plastics Nos. 1-7 do not have to be separated. Even if your Coke bottle has a bit of liquid in it, or your pizza box has an oil stain, they’re still recyclable. Put it all one of the many recycle stations/bins around campus.

Click here for history about our very own, homegrown company which is now the largest single-stream recycler in America. Incorporated in 1918 in Chattanooga as the first recycled paperboard mill in the South.

Click here for a map of recycling bins, noting there are many other small collection bins throughout campus, including new stations at Lupton Hall:!m/506259?ce/48840?bm/

For questions, ideas or comments, email: or



Media Relations Contacts: Email UTC Media Relations or call 423-425-5119.
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